PSYTIPTOP self-assessment, get involved!

The PSYTIPTOP website is going to be the reference for the implementation of the Peer Support Program for Aircrews. The European Agency for Aviation Safety EASA is going to make the implementation of such a program mandatory for all airlines flying in Europe. (See here EASA steps)

A main issue will be the involvement of Aircrew members that should be elegible to play the important role of a Peer in supporting their flying colleagues.

For this reason the PSYTIPTOP self-assessment will contain the following four section:

  1. Data for the Network: Personal data are asked with the aim to start a confidential network for Aircrew support.
  2. Peer Support Program involvement: to understand your level of knowledge and the degree of possible involvement.
  3. Peer Skills Assessment: a self-assessment designed to get you thinking about the competencies of Emotional Intelligence that makes the work of a Peer effective.
  4. Just Culture Assessment: to assess the environment of your organization to easily implement the Peer Support Programe.

If you are an Aircrew member (Pilot or Flight Attendant) please, fillout the

PSYTIPTOP self-assessment here!

Thank you very much for your participation!

Further info:

Best regards,
Dott. Glauco Trebbi, Aviation Psychologist